we are at a time now where it’s about sharing our gifts and shedding all the negative energy that may exist…we are tasked with saving Mother Earth and accepting help from realms we don’t yet know nor understand…we must be love and peace, let go of old weight and be ready for a wonder filled way of being!

so many thoughts and feelings running through my head right now and i’m wondering which are the ones to follow yet i do know and it’s sort of surreal because i always knew yet i am new to knowing and so it goes i am going with my gut and tossing aside those thoughts the ego thinks i SHOULD go with..im tired of where the ego has landed me and im done with the chances…i’m going with my heart and soul

if it were me

if it were me i would give myself easily but if you can’t agree perhaps you have more to learn i’m not an answer or a question i am simply me and if you don’t see who and how you are and the way you are meant to be then you must ask your Self where do i go from here, and how do i make my way?

sitting with my neighbor and her friend this evening discussing how the city is tied up in big money plans and eminent domain and politicians on the take and native sons and daughters shrugging shoulders as they march through time with no real vision, no mission, simply resigned to their condition and it’s all so sad to me i don’t understand why though they seem to see alternatives they choose to linger in the places that only serve to give them sedation…a sense of smallness lingers, a sense that they are on their own and though they each understand and have their dreams they feel they are of little good alone…so if they listen to each other instead of getting lost in their own heads, come together simultaneously clearly focused and intent, there would be change…but it must happen as a consolidated, truly focused thought…or it all gets lost