defining my purpose

i’ve been on a quest this last year to define just what it is i’m meant to do in this current life of mine.  it’s a work in progress and i enjoy yet get so frustrated with what unfolds.  i’ve asked myself about my passions, my thrills, my joys, what makes me happiest.  i’ve pondered, meditated, turned to dreams, walked and walked and walked.  i’ve sat numb and simply let go.  i’ve breathed in and breathed out and contemplated, prayed, cried and yelled.

what i’ve learned is that my purpose will be revealed to me when its time to be.  not sooner, not later, but, at the right exact time.  all i must do is believe, to trust and to do all i can within my own SELF to work toward that.  as frustrating as that is, it’s what i must do.  let go.  seems so simple right?  well, it’s not.  not when you thought that you finally found IT (and IT is self defined).  in fact, what i think is, when you finally find IT, that’s when life/God/The Universe decides it’s time for you to find other, deeper things.  this makes me smile.

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