the ABC award

i have been nominated by 1smiles (Jeannie) for the ABC award, and for that, i’m most humbly grateful. thank you so much Jeannie!

the requirements for this award include:
1. thanking the person who nominated you.
2. no limit to the number of fellow bloggers you nominate.
3. share a word or two about you starting with each consecutive letter of the alphabet.
A – agape
B – blessed
C – conscious
D – destined
E – eternal
F – free
G – grateful
H – heart guided
I – inspired
J – journey-ist
K – kindred spirit
L – loving
M – mindful
N – new thought
O – original
P – peace builder
Q – quiet
R – real
S – soulful
T – transcending
U – unique
V – vision questing
W – wisdom seeking
X – x catholic
Y – YES!
Z – zealous

finally i would like to nominate 7 bloggers i enjoy following, in ABC order, but please know there are many others i follow who i enjoy in other ways as much…to you i say, you’re next!
Aaron Leaman
Eternal Presence
Evoking The Deep
Unfamiliar Passage
Written Words Never Die


4 thoughts on “the ABC award

  1. Congratulations to you!!!

    I am also very honored to recieve your nomination as well as having your comments on my blog. Thank you so much!!

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