I sit in the silence of the echo of my words

Wondering just exactly what I heard

There was no one there when I spoke

No one there when the whole thing broke

No one knew about the tragedy

No one knew about the sadness

As far as all were told

No word means all was good

For all concerned

It was all just misunderstood

But I hear you

come close to me

Put your lips against mine

Then breathe in

Take this breath and know

The unconditional love it holds

Come close to me and know

And let it all go

And I know you know just exactly

What this means

Trust me

My love for you

Transcends time

Means so much more than i

Could ever hope to convey

It was love

All along the way

I’m here for you now

You can let it all go

I have you here in my arms

You’re safe and I’m free

So let’s both let go and see

All of life’s possibilities

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