right now you’re sleeping
will you dream of me
in the silence of your evening
its with clarity you see
in my morning hours
i feel your essence breathe
two crystal pillars
giving birth to higher energy
i only know this moment
as i step into the next
a sense of utter timelessness
as we continue to connect
you are familiar and i know you
as well as i’ve come to know my Self
mirrors reflect the truth
of our deep and spiritual wells
no boundaries stand between us
as our shared journey unfolds
with a deep sense of trust
our souls guide us as we go
the dance of eternal flames
as twin flames come and go
if this is who we are
our hearts will simply know

2 thoughts on “

  1. I am dreaming of you… and you are dreaming of the north… I hear a match striking and a fire of consciousness igniting.

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