if it were me

if it were me i would give myself easily but if you can’t agree perhaps you have more to learn i’m not an answer or a question i am simply me and if you don’t see who and how you are and the way you are meant to be then you must ask your Self where do i go from here, and how do i make my way?

sitting with my neighbor and her friend this evening discussing how the city is tied up in big money plans and eminent domain and politicians on the take and native sons and daughters shrugging shoulders as they march through time with no real vision, no mission, simply resigned to their condition and it’s all so sad to me i don’t understand why though they seem to see alternatives they choose to linger in the places that only serve to give them sedation…a sense of smallness lingers, a sense that they are on their own and though they each understand and have their dreams they feel they are of little good alone…so if they listen to each other instead of getting lost in their own heads, come together simultaneously clearly focused and intent, there would be change…but it must happen as a consolidated, truly focused thought…or it all gets lost

right now

i sit somewhere in between so many things and i’m not quite sure how to explain other than to keep writing and hope some sort of explanation comes across as i listen to familiar music drinking beer hanging on the couch with my dog feeling the incredible lightness of being in no exact place or moment in time i just am here right now and here is there and there is there yet no where at all and it’s truly a matter of how i perceive it am i at peace or somewhat unsettled it’s entirely up to me

i wrap myself in a river flowing, always knowing, never showing fear, riding it like a wave onto the shore, running headlong into it and seeing through it i surf on the waves and roll with the tide and am one with the river that flows with the ocean that rolls and crashes to the shore then backs into itself or stays upon the sands of timelessness…

thinking about the rain as i listen to it falling, a very rare event in southern california….been over 6 months now and then there is this deluge so we prepare for flooding and winds and backed up traffic…and the clearing of the dust and grit and grime…and the channeling of the wonderful energy it brings…and we celebrate and we calibrate and we masturbate to it’s rhythm…and we sense something deeper than the obvious significance of the event