we are at a time now where it’s about sharing our gifts and shedding all the negative energy that may exist…we are tasked with saving Mother Earth and accepting help from realms we don’t yet know nor understand…we must be love and peace, let go of old weight and be ready for a wonder filled way of being!

this is not from me, but from those much more in tune with what we should be doing….love, love, love, it’s so simple and yet you all use it as an excuse…temperament, ease, peaceful existence is what is necessary…sadness bogs one down and drags the past along unnecessarily


Spirit: listen, you must listen and let go of fear, let go of everything holding you back from love, now, you must do this in order for the truth to unfold

my question ~ who are you?

Spirit: it’s not who i am, it’s who you are…you must realize that in order to move beyond what you think is real

my question ~ explain please

Spirit: (i felt a huge smile)

my question ~ who are you?

Spirit: the Universe, God, Creator

my question ~ what is the most important thing you want to share with me right now?

Spirit: Peace, love, such simple things yet so difficult to achieve – get back to – this world needs such simplicity – light workers must utilize their gifts to the fullest potential in order to achieve this – let go of all but your soul – the essence of you – and give all you have to love – feel the divine in you – feel the holy presence as part of your very being